Information Technology Freelance Business Consultant fixing desktop/laptop/application problems daily. Text for a convenient callback consultation.

1. Consulting conducive to your business needs. Data management, networking or website. Abstract problems. Your next step?

2. Website Advertising? Create custom website specific to your business (SEO included). your target audience?

3. Maintenance to include computer maintenance/repairs, virus removal. Removing data from a broken hard drive or changing the power supply, Routers. Computer parts will be acquired as needed.

4. Documentation with logical and/or physical schematics (mapping networks). Technical writing, requirements, process flow, user manual?

Documentation, applications, hardware/software computer maintenance, computer aided design, networking infrastructures(WAN)(MAN)(LAN), websites, virus removal.

Need a VPN consultation? Do you need internet advertising? Did you get a broadband connection and one of your Laptops failed to connect (wirelessly)?

Did you loose your password?

PC running slow?

Which payment method works for your business?

Trouble deciphering WordPress untilization of multiple databases, categories and/or plugins?

Need more information about cryptocurrency?

Having a quickbooks issue?

Microsoft and Linux support – mobile and remote.

On-site service completed quickly and efficiently on an as needed bases.

Free estimate before repairs or consultation on the identified problem.

I will travel to you. All day & night everyday.

Text a question? or callback consultation. Text 210 366-2383